Everywhere around me is all white. It feels empty. I feel empty.
I’m wearing a white gown. The only thing that isn’t white is my skin. It’s still dark.
I begin walking down. To where? I have no idea.
I’m barefooted but the ground is smooth. Almost like I’m walking on cotton. And it’s white too, are those clouds I see below my feet?
 There’s someone waving at me. Some 5 kilometres away. I increase my pace. I don’t want to be alone. Not ever again.
It’s my mum! What’s she doing here?
‘Mother!’, I want to shout. But I hear no sound. Am I deaf? Or I’m dumb now, in this void world. I try shouting again. It’s not working.

I’m closer now. She’s smiling at me. Moving closer to me.
But she’s not smiling anymore, in fact she’s angry. I want to ask her what’s wrong. Oh! I can’t talk. And then she slapped me.
Slapped me back to reality.

The light is so bright. I have a headache. My mum is sitting beside me now, holding my hand. She’s crying.
‘Mother?’, I’ve found my voice. I’m not dumb or deaf after all.  She looks up in amazement.
‘Uju!’, she screamed and hugged me so tight.

Apparently, I had been in coma for nine days. Got hit by a truck. I remember none of that actually. My family had prayed a novena for me. On the ninth day, I woke up. I would have died. Alone.


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