Saved. (Part 3)

Hey guys, sorry for the wait. Y'all be so patient 😥 Apparently, I had some serious writer's block. But now......I'm back back back. Back again gain gain💃💃 And this has been my longest writing so far 😩😩 Things I do for love. #bloglove. Lol. Don't mind me. Read on. Hope you like it😘 'I'm Ikechukwu.'… Continue reading Saved. (Part 3)


Saved. (Part 2)

  My new mum was a housewife, my dad didn't want her working. It was one year into their marriage already. He loved her so much and she loved me too much. That July morning, Dad had gone to work. Oshoke was in school, he was a boarder at King's College.  I was in my… Continue reading Saved. (Part 2)