The Magic Words.

Morning guys!  And also, happy new month!! Can’t believe the first half of 2016 is gone already,  I mean…..It was January 1st just yesterday 😐😐 The 2nd half has to be great though….let’s do the best we can😘


Soo…….The magic words. A lot of people are going to be saying “what magic words?” “What is she talking about?” We’ll see…..

Have you ever found yourself disliking someone so much and when asked why, you don’t know? Or sometimes you actually know but can’t being yourself to forgive the person.  It happens, I mean we’re humans, it’s bound to happen. Have you asked yourself why? No really, why do you dislike that person so much? I guess someone just popped up in your head. Lol. Maybe because they didn’t say sorry? :roll::roll::roll:
I know sorry doesn’t fix that injury or that scar but then if the person apologises, you have to forgive or you’ll have yourself to blame. You’ll keep thinking about it but the person is free cause they said “I’m sorry”. And it pays to just forgive anyway, even when they don’t apologise.
It’s not just by saying sorry really. Sometimes sorry can mean something else…like “sorry, I didn’t hear you” or stuff like that so I dunno but people really appreciate when you say “I’m sorry”.
This comes back to sinning, when you tell God you’re sorry, he’ll forgive you anyway so who are you not to forgive? I know when people hear the saying forgive and forget, they’ll ask “how am I supposed to forget?” But that’s not exactly the what it means, I mean, forgiving doesn’t come with amnesia. Of course, you’ll remember but don’t go back thinking about it and wanting to revenge when you’ve already forgiven the person. That’s just weird. Lol.

So let’s learn to say I’m sorry and forgive also. You’ll be so much happier, truss meh!💋💋


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