Texting Chronicles [Monday (a)Muse]

'Why do you look so sad, Eve?' 'I lost my phone and I can't seem to find it anywhere.' 'When last did you see it?' Katherine asked. 'Last I remember, I was taking a dump,' Eve sighed. 'Then go check.' 'Alright Kate. But I doubt it'll be there.' * * * * * * *… Continue reading Texting Chronicles [Monday (a)Muse]

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What Made You Hop Won’t Just Stop.

Hello! Trust your weekend has been bliss. Thanks for stopping by my blog again, I bring some words of encouragement tonight! So this post is about overcoming your temptations. First of all, I would say temptations aren't easy at all to overcome but it can be done step by step, it's a process really. One… Continue reading What Made You Hop Won’t Just Stop.

Let's Talk About God

Inner Circle

Lately, I've been listening to messages from Pastor Michael Todd of Transformation Church and boy, are they amazing! Sound doctrine all over and he preaches really well, in my opinion. One series I was engaged in is titled 'Inner Circle'. It contains three messages and if you can lay your hands on them, you should… Continue reading Inner Circle


28 MORE Black Picture Books That Aren’t About Boycotts, Buses, or Basketball (2018)

28 MORE Black Picture Books That Aren’t About Boycotts, Buses, or Basketball (2018) https://discover.wordpress.com/2018/02/09/28-more-black-picture-books-that-arent-about-boycotts-buses-or-basketball-2018/ — Read on discover.wordpress.com/2018/02/09/28-more-black-picture-books-that-arent-about-boycotts-buses-or-basketball-2018/

Book Reviews

Book Review || Dating Intelligently

My fingers have been itchinggggg to talk about this book and I'll even go an extra mile to discuss it in a live video on my Instagram (@anesiigebu) tomorrow. Stay tuned! This book had me screaming 'Yassss' in my head as I read it, I agreed with it on so many levels and I learned… Continue reading Book Review || Dating Intelligently

Book Reviews, Let's Talk About God

Book Review || Becoming a Spectacular Woman

This is coming in rather too late, I read this in March but better late than never, yes? So yea, this book is simply amazingggg. Every word, every sentence, every page. It helped me a lot when I was struggling with letting go and letting God. It spoke to me, God was basically teaching me… Continue reading Book Review || Becoming a Spectacular Woman