19 Random Facts About Me

This is a random but interesting post, about some randoms facts about me 😁 I have a unibrow and one end grows upward. Lol. For some weird reason, I want my body to be cremated after physical death. Cremation means the burning of a dead body. I don't like the colour green but I have… Continue reading 19 Random Facts About Me

Book Reviews

The Truth About You: Secret to Success (February Read)

We all know the word "success" and have probably had a thousand tips on how to journey through its road. This book by Marcus Buckingham opened my eyes to a lot of things and is so easy to understand. It comes with a CD and a rememo pad (I'll talk about it later on) which… Continue reading The Truth About You: Secret to Success (February Read)


Fri-Nay! (Officially the worst Friday in the history of Fridays)

Five songs later, I got to my dorm room after a really long walk. Don't you just looove Fridays? Lol. Not so much for me cause as much as I try to be positive, this semester is really crazy and my Fridays are messed up. Today wasn't an exception,in fact, it's been the most annoying… Continue reading Fri-Nay! (Officially the worst Friday in the history of Fridays)


Life of an Underdeveloped Bookworm

I TOTALLY HATE SOFT COPY BOOKS! *phew Feels good to be let out. So at the beginning of this year, a friend encouraged me to join this reading challenge thing for the year and I was quite excited about it. I mean, it was one of my goals for the year; to read more, so… Continue reading Life of an Underdeveloped Bookworm